Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fashion sketches =]

Ahem... May I share some of my designing with you?

Few of my sketches I drew for last few months :)


ALL RIGHTS RESERVED by Janani Uthsara Mitchel SenarathneEditing, reproducing and re-using the Design for any purposes or otherwise, without permission of designer strictly prohibited.

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Unwanted Purse makeover :)

I hope everybody had a Spookalicious weekend parting hard and dressing up. 

Guess what! I didn't lol I was too lazy to get dressed and go party and my significant other lives 8000 whatever miles away and I don't feel like going all woohoo -.- yeah yeah BOO me..

Anyhow, There was a little ugly purse lying around the house and nobody knows who bought it or how we got it. Nobody liked to wear it and we used it to carry our nail colors in them for emergency when we were in Sri lanka for vacation. But most of the time it stayed there in the storage. 

I saw it earlier today and wanted to change this miserable fallow up to something that the "girls" in the house including me would use it. oh the misery! 

lets get on with making the world b'ful :D shall we...

Things I used to get this purse out of misery

White acrylic paint 
- Any two acrylic paint color of your choice
- paint brush(es)
- Glossy mod podge or clear nail color 
- A paper or fabric Doily or lace 

Here's how The Unwanted purse looked before the makeover 

I applied few coats, about 2-3 coats of white acrylic pain on the front pocket at first...and waited it to dry

To keep the edges clean I dabbed few drops of nail polish remover on to a cotton bud and cleaned the edges.

Here comes the Doilies! :) Place your doily where ever you like. I prefer to place it starting from the corner. 

Dab paint color of your choice over the doily making sure you'll get paint on in the cut out parts. ( also if you are using lace make sure the paint transfer in to the materiel though it nice and crisp) 

I over lapped my doilies so the colors will contrast out nice.. to the corners where there was no design I mixed the colors around with white paint and added a shading effect. 

I worked with white paint on the top part of this purse too. 
After finishing I applied a coat of mod podge over the painting. Don't worry if you don't have or donno what the shing is mod podge is just use a clear nail polish that you wouldn't mind using. It's just for the sake of protection of the work of art we did and to duh! give it a glossiness xD 

And here's The Unwanted in to everybody's wanted.. but seriously my mom and sister both asked me for it!

Too bad so sad... Finders, painters keepers I said.. 

Happy Painting!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

DIY mustache Satchel bag/Clutch

This is a very easy project but some what experience on sewing will be required...
When I was in Pinterest, like always I saw few clutches and I really wanted to try and make one :)
O' my love for Pinterest lol

anyways these are the things you will be needing

- 1/2 meter of Main fabric
- 1/2 meter of lining fabric

- 1/4 meter of fabric for bottom and sides (recommended a heavy fabric like denim or canvas fabric)
- a buckle/ velcro/ hook and a ring for to closing the flap 

And here's my pattern... (i'm sorry I donno how to make PDF pattern, in near future I'll learn how to ^^) 

it's very easy to assemble everything together...I'm sorry I just have to explain the steps because I forgot to take pictures -.- 

1. Sew the front main fabric piece and the lining together the good side facing together leaving a little opening. 
When you are done turn it inside out and hand sew the opening using invisible stitch  After that press so the creases will be clean.

2. do the same thing to the back piece.

3. Follow up the same process with the two bottom and side pieces and attach them together so you will have a long straight line that's it about 34 inches long.

4. Pin and sew this bottom and side piece around the front and back piece leaving one side open in both pieces 

somewhat like this... (oh! god bless my paint skills xD)

3. Find the middle of the flap and sew the flap piece down.

4. Assemble whatever choice of method you'd like to use on this project to close and open this bag.
I used a hook and a loop..

I used a fancy embroidery stitch my sewing machine had to decorate the flap.  

Added few pearls and a button to the flap line ^^

After all this cutting, sewing and gluing I got this!!!! :)

good thing about this clutch is that surprisingly I can stuff everything I need in here xD at once!

Lol too much? yeah I should prolly stop!

have a nice day :)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fun ways to wear a hi-low skirt =)

Hi-low skirt, asymmetrical skirt, fake maxi skirt, mermaid tail skirt, waterfall skirt what ever the name you call this stylish come back it could be styled in many ways...

While I'm roaming through Pinterest I saw this!

but, I donno where it's from,

To addition to all this I wanna share six more ways to wear this skirt :)

 Sorry about the ugly edits.. I was trying to reduce the dirt on my mirror! 

1. Pull your skirt up just like a strapless tank top... I paired it up with a tight black skirt under. This is how it looks with and without the belt!

2. Next, I turned the lower part in to the side and added a belt pairing up with the tight black skirt.

3. For this 3rd look, with the hi-low skirt underneath I over lapped a loose tank top with the same skirt and a skinny belt 

4.  For this look I wore the skirt with the lower part on the side again. With adding a tank top and a loose cardigan this look is perfect for a walk in the beach... (I know I know summer is gone by now)

5. Casual Friday? This look would be just perfect! Wearing the skirt as a tank top I paired it up with my most favorite floral shorts :) o' and added a cardigan to make it look professional 

6.  For this last look I pull the skirt just a little bit below under the breast and added a wide belt. Now you have an asymmetrical babydoll dress. Simple 

And there you go :) 


Friday, October 5, 2012

Colourful bobby pins and ugly drawer. . .

To be honest I donno what would I ever do without Pinterest in my life.. Y U NO follow me on Pinterest and see what I pin!!

bobby pins or bobby pins...  colourful colourful bobby pins..

sooo, with the neon craze I wanted to try DIY-ing colourful bobby pins with nail polish!!! woot!

Just have to take couple of or alottttt of nail polish colours and swap them over your bobby pins..its sooo easy but cute..

Here's what I came up with :)

totally worth it huh? 

while I'm playing around colouring my bobby pins I saw how ugly my drawer is... I use this to store my under garments, leggings and socks..
it's so old and ugly... I said what the hack and gave it a new look using acrylic paint :)
it' not totally finished yet..I'm planing to add some rhinestones and jewels over the painting.. I love how traditional and vintage it looks..

Just stay tuned for updates..

Happy Friday!!!!